2017 ‘A house’, a story of a cottage. Drypoint.

‘A house’ is about a cottage in Vanås, Sweden. The images show the interior of the house all done as drypoint monoprints. The project is a about uncertainty and examines the question of what a home is. What can you call a home, where and for how long?

Exhibited at Studio 11 at the show ‘GRAFIKHUSET’ 2017.


2018 ‘Hemtrakter’/Home area, installation ink on linen.

Your surroundings nurture you, they become close to you emotionally. ‘Hemtrakter’/’Home area’ portrays that. The installation consist of projected ink drawings on a mothers cloths of linen.


2018 ‘In the eye of the beholder’, ink on paper

The series of the ink artwork ‘In the eye of the beholder’ is an investigation in peoples relationship to one another. How do we relate to the people around us? What makes us concerned or emotionally involved?



2018 Ink drawings and dry point monoprints. Exhibited at Studio 11.



2018 Frånvaro/Absence Höörs Konsthall

The exhibition Frånvaro/Absence together with Jens Lundberg at Höörs Konsthall. Who or what are we expecting to be in a place? A strong feeling of absence, a void or a sense that someone is not there. Interpreted with images, dry point, ink wash and ink drawings.